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Christmas time is always a fun and festive season when family and friends get together to give out gifts and prepare food for each other. Pre-Christmas can also be a stressful time when you have to decide what gifts to give everyone because you need to make sure that each gift is personalized and means something to the person. Here are a few tips that we have listed out for you to make this year’s preparation for the holiday season less stressful and more fun and memorable!

Brainstorming Gift Ideas

It is no easy task to think of gifts for all your family and friends, but as it is said, it’s better to give rather than receive and that’s what the Christmas spirit is always about. Make a list of who you want to give gifts to so that you don’t miss out on any with the hustle and bustle of the work. Next brainstorm on what type of gifts you’d like to give each one on the list. Whether it is a sentimental gift or a gag gift, it is important to take the time to find the right present for a person as meaningful gifts always make gift giving special. A good starting point is to understand your relationship with the person or their personality. For example, to your friend from university, you can consider giving a sweatshirt with the logo of your alma mater andLollies for PommiesEnglish lollies to your 12 year old niece.

Budget It Out

With the holiday spirit, it is understandable to get caught up with distractions and easily go over budget. Therefore, make sure you make a budget so that you know exactly how much you can spend for the holiday season. You don’t want to end up in debt and worried after the holiday. Keep in mind that although you have the ideal gift idea for your mum, it doesn’t mean that you must break the bank to get it. Organize yourself by creating a list with the pricing and any alternatives as this will help you make better decisions.

Shopping Online

If you want to avoid the holiday crowds when shopping, it is best you do them in the comfort of your home. Besides, sometimes there are more seasonal offers and discounts online than in physical stores. Another plus side is that it is much easier to stick to the budget you planned for as you wouldn’t overspend by buying things that you come across in an aisle in a store. Stay alert on the shipping and returns however as you don’t want your gifts to arrive 2 weeks after Christmas, or worse yet damaged and only eligible for credit in store. Most people like shopping in physical stores too as it is a far better experience to feel and know exactly what you are buying. Sometimes, it is just better to hold them, see their colour, size or texture before purchasing an item.  Better yet, going shopping with friends and family can be a fun experience in itself!


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