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Doing a home renovation opens up a whole new set of possibilities, allowing you to totally alter your space or simply do a few quick touch-ups. And who would not love to make a few much-needed changes to their home? I know I would. So here are a few cool yet simple renovation ideas that will give your home a whole new look:

New And Improved Lighting

If you can create more windows or a skylight, then kudos to you because it will bring in a whole lot of much needed natural light. And natural lighting will transform your space like nothing else can. But if you cannot do this then simply add artificial lights. If you layer them, you can create a glamorous new look that will leave your space totally altered. With good lighting especially in a small room, the room will look a whole lot bigger.

Fancify The Floors

Although taking on the floor might seem like a big project, it does not have to be. You can either stain your floors darker (if they are light in colour) and then stain a few cabinets to match. Or you can pull up the whole floor and replace it with new flooring that matches better with the whole space.

Create A Reading Nook

In every household, there is at least one individual who loves to read so why not create a pretty little semi-private reading corner. It makes the house seem more elegant and fancy. And you do not even need a bay window for a reading nook. You can just turn the space under the stairs (which would normally be wasted) into a reading nook.

Paint It All

A cool idea is to try and paint the ceiling and not just the walls. For example, if you coat the walls white then the ceiling needs to be a beautiful silvery blue that reflects light and creates an atmosphere of calmness. Hire a well-known painter in Brisbane or whatever city you live in to do the job for you. The individual you hire will be able to tell you what colours you should put together and what colours you should not put together. Coating the walls is the cheapest way to spruce up your home.

Garden Shed Glamour

Turn your old and shabby garden shed into a tiny little haven for you to do your work. A cute private little corner that is charming to look at and inspires you to work. Garden sheds can make your garden look more quaint, homely and welcoming.

So now you know that by making a couple of upgrades all over your home you can basically completely makeover your house. Give yourself a few mini projects that are practical and realistic enough for you to tackle yourself and then get to it. Get other members of your family involved as well and it can turn into a fun bonding experience that allows you to create wonderful memories with your family.

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