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Fencing for pools is really important for you, in order to ensure the safety around the swimming area. Not only can they be of help in keeping your children safe from falling into the water, they can also help to prevent accidental falls that adults could take into the pool. There are many different pool fencing types that you could choose from and each of these come with their own set of advantages. Here is what you should know.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Aluminium pool fencing is available easily and they are also popular thanks to their high level of durability and the anti-rusting properties that they have. This type of fencing is also comparatively cheaper to install. They are quite durable and are also considered to be unbreakable. If you are looking for something simple, sturdy and straightforward, this is what you should be looking at.

Glass Pool Fencing

The next material that is really popular among home owners is glass pool fencing. Like in the case of aluminium glass pool fencing also offers simplicity and durability. They will also not interrupt the view around your pool and is really attractive which are definite plus points. You should contact service providers that are reliable though as they would only have safe options available for your fencing. The best thing perhaps, about glass fencing is that they will not interfere with the landscaping of your garden and on the contrary, will blend well with it. If the fencing is high enough, children and pets will also not be able to climb them. They are available in semi-frameless and frameless options.  They will also give your pool a very contemporary look and they will not shatter upon impact as they are tempered. They are also really easy to maintain.

Mesh Fencing

Another type of fencing that you could think about is mesh pool fencing. These are woven with steel and are rather strong and also rust free. They will provide the same benefits as glass pool fencing while also not interrupting the view but, they may not be able to hold up to really strong gusts of wind. While children and pets can climb up using the links as footholds, if you use a mesh that has small chain links, they will not be able to do so.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron pool fences used to be really popular back in the day. Their antique look is still something that is appreciated today, not to mention the fact that they also bring in elegance and durability. These should be designed in a way where children cannot climb up the bars and get into the pool unsupervised. Mesh and glass pool fencing has greatly replaced wrought iron. However, many home owners still choose this in order to keep that classic look and feel. If you are going to be using wrought iron, know that they will be more expensive than other options mentioned here, so be prepared for that. These are some of the most used fencing types and their main benefits that you should know about.

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