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When it comes to diving deeper into sexual pleasures, it is a must that you try out sex toys. When it comes to sex toys for women, one of the greatest options out there are vibrators. Vibrators are ideal for those who enjoy external stimulation and internal stimulation as well.

If you are reading this you want a vibrator, here is what you should know about getting the best sexual experience with a vibrator:

The size of the vibrator

Getting a vibrator that comes of the right size is a must. The type of the pleasure stimulated with the size of the vibrator differs. Therefore, it is important to be considerate about the size of the vibrator that you are getting.

The key is to think about the size that you enjoy the most during sex. Getting a vibrato of the size that you know you will enjoy will give you a safe option to make. When you go ahead with getting a vibrator that you are comfortable with, you can always proceed further into getting vibrators that are of bigger sizes. However, if you are a beginner, always start with your comfort zone so that you can proceed further with it.

The shape and the sensation

The shape of the vibrator has a lot to do with the sensation that you will be getting. Therefore, ties crucial that you think about the shape of the vibrato before you get. There are five type soft pleasure that you should note: clitoral, internal, both internal and clitoral, anal and double penetration. Depending on the type of the pleasure that the vibratos stimulate, their shape will differ. Knowing what type of pleasure, you are looking for will help you decide on the shape of the vibrator that you are getting as well.

The material of the vibrator

The material that the vibrator is made out of will affect the texture of it and also the pleasure that you get when you are using it. one of the best options out there for beginners and even for experienced individuals are silicone as they come with the best texture and they are non-porous meaning that there is a no risk of getting a bacterial infraction when you use this vibrator given that you clean them in the right way.

The vibration

Most of the vibrators will have different forms of vibrations and frequencies that you can choose from. You can always try a vibrator that comes with different options so that you can get what suits your mood. Another thing that you should be considerate about is the noise made. Some vibrators will make noise and others will not.

If you don’t want sound to be made when you are using the vibrator, you can always pick out a vibrator that comes with a silent motor so that you can peacefully enjoy the experience that you are getting without having any worries about it at all.


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