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With the increase in the use of bicycles in our day to day lives, be it commuting, leisure or even workouts, bicycles now are getting upgrade to a great extent, as many of the road bikes are becoming more and more safer while the demand of these road bikes are increasing by the day, as a result of the people being conscious of the carbon footprint. There are a number of ways that the average bicycle is undergoing drastic changes, but here are just of the more major changes that have been done to the road bike:


The design of the bicycle may look like the same as how it was during the previous decades; however, it has gone through some fine tunings in the present day and age. This is all possible due to the many tests that manufacturers do with specific bicycle frames. One of the more notable tests is the wind tunnel test, as it gives a good idea to the manufacturer as to how it handles its wind circulation, which in turn helps in riding the bicycle with less effort. This does not include the frame, but also the wheels, handlebars, and even the bottle cage.


Along with the design comes the material used to make the bicycle. This is often a very important aspect that is looked into by any manufacturer, since many users desire lighter and lighter bikes, which are still sturdy and strong. As a result, many bicycles that are manufactured for professional cyclists are made out of the finest carbon fibre material there is. This is because it provides the lightness, as well as the sturdiness of one made out of an alloy. The alloy bikes too are made out of a blend of metals, such as hydro formed and various other ways. All this makes for a more efficient bicycle.


This is perhaps one of the more new areas into which many manufacturers are experimenting on. In the present day and age, manufacturers have now implemented an electronic gear system which enables the rider to shift gears without cranking them or getting it jammed, as it is assisted with an electronically assisted derailleur, which makes the mechanism change smoothly to the lace it supposed to change without a hitch. Another interesting piece of tech is the tyre pressure monitor, which allows the user to constantly check the pressure of the tyres on the move to understand just how efficient he is moving.


Another reason of bicycles becoming more robust is the ability to customise certain parts of the bicycle even after the purchase of it. This includes handlebars, seat posts, pedals, wheels etc. In other words, you do not have to use the products made by the particular brand of your bike, which enables you to use parts of other manufacturers to find the right fit.

Bicycles may look like simple things with two wheels, but a closer look into it and you will be shocked as to how much thought and detailed planning is gone into the making of a good one.

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