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Fashion is a loud statement of who you are. And every piece that you wear can say a lot about you without opening your mouth to explain. Just by looking at how you mix and match your accessories, tops, bottoms and foot gear, anyone can make an impression of you.

A matter of fact, even fashion has feng shui (art and science of good fortune) that has to be followed to ensure that the energy forces of a person harmonize with the environment. When these energy forces get aligned, abundance in every aspect of your life will come to you. It can also affect your mood and behavior which has a direct impact on the people you’re interacting with.

With that being said, it is important that you choose your wardrobe carefully especially when wearing t-shirts. This is because it is the most wearable clothing of men and women in all walks of life. If you are wondering how t-shirts can make an impression out of you, understand that there are three features of t-shirts that basically reveals your personality: The color, shape of the neckline (round or V-Neck) and how you wear it (tucked in or hanging loose).

The Color Of The T-Shirt

The first thing that is noticed when you wear a t-shirt is its color. It is the basic feature that is often first described because color lasts on the mind. That is why it is necessary to think carefully what color of t-shirt should you wear on your first date or first meeting because this is what usually people will remember about you.

When it comes to first dates or meet-ups, women like men who are wearing either black or blue. As for men, they like seeing their women wearing red for sexiness and pink for irresistible charm. Feminity is relatively evident if the woman happens to wear silk T-shirts because of its luster and softness while masculinity is evident if men wear cotton t-shirts.

In defining behavior and intelligence, red is an arrogant color while black is an intelligent and confident color. Green in its lighter shade gives off a relaxing vibe while orange and yellows show a lot of energy.

The Shape Of The Neckline (Round Or V-Neck)

Aside from color, the neckline is another noticeable feature of a t-shirt. A person wearing a round neck t-shirt is often tagged as practical and uptight. They don’t make decisions hastily as they take some time before they can decide. However, once they made their decisions, it is definite.

On the other hand, when you wear v-neck t-shirts it simply exudes a chill and relaxed vibe. People who often wear v-neck shirts are those who don’t show resistance to the world, instead, they go with the flow. As much as possible, they will not give in to societal pressures.

How You Wear It (Tucked-In Or Hanging Loose)

Tucked-in shirts show uptightness and being neat while t-shirts hanging loose shows a laid-back and relaxed vibe. However, when and when not to tuck-in your shirts depends on what bottom pants or jeans you are wearing as well as what kind of buckles your belt has.

Regardless of what your fashion statement is, it is important to match every element of the clothing you wear as this reflects greatly to the kind of person you are.

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