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We all have guests coming over to our house to stay especially during festivals such as Christmas. Kids love it when they have people staying at their places especially if they have someone of their age to play with. So keep reading if you want to know how to prepare your house for them in order to ensure that their stay is comfortable:

Start With Cleaning

No one likes to stay in a house which is unclean and dusty. We all get busy with our day to day lives with work, college at such we cannot give much time to house cleaning. However, if you are having guests coming over then this is something that you cannot miss. A proper cleaning session where you dust on top of the cupboard, clean the cupboards and make space so guests could keep their clothes, wiping the fan all of it takes a lot of time and energy. It is likely that you won’t be able to do it in one day, so start the cleaning process at least a week before. If your work is hectic then you could hire a maid to do so but don’t miss on the cleaning segment. This is one thing that will definitely impress your guests and also make their stay pleasant and comfortable.

Their Room Needs To Have Everything

If you have a guest room then makes sure it has everything they need. This would include extra cushions, waffle blankets, a first aid box, and other essentials. This is because your guest might hesitate to keep asking things from you. This is why you should put all the things they will need including toothpaste, towel and shampoo. Apart from this, it is important to tell the guests to ask you anything that they want without hesitating!

Make Them Feel Comfortable

You might have to go a little over budget when your guests are around, for example, you will have to buy extra snacks which they could have when they are hungry. Also in some cases you might even have to hire a maid to do the extra housework. This is because you cannot expect your guests to do all these especially if the main purpose of their visit is to holiday and explore your city/country. Another thing you could do is move all your ornaments and prized possessions inside the top shelf of your cupboard especially if your guests have little children. Also it is likely that your schedule must be busy and you might not be able to give your guests much time. However, at least on weekends try to spend time with them by taking them out to different places and making them fall in love with your area. Keep in mind that they are new to this place and the only way through which they can fully explore it is from you. So do tell them about the famous places that they shouldn’t miss. For example if it is Dubai then a trip to Atlantis and Desert Safari is something your guests cannot miss!

Lastly, be nice to them although this can get a little difficult especially if they mess your whole house.

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