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When it is a warm and sunny day, water is rarely close to being the thing you want to be drinking to keep yourself hydrated, how about some soda? No! No soda! There are many other fluids that can keep you hydrated from the summer or after a tedious workout session. You don’t necessarily have to purchase sports drinks off the shelf given that they have more artificial substances, than the number of letters in the word artificial. So, let us look into what ingredients we would require in order to make our own homemade sports drink.

Choose Your Preferred Fruit Juice

When you make such drinks at home, you have all the liberty to decide on what juice you want to add as per the preference. Since all store-bought drinks contain unnatural fruit flavors, consider this as an opportunity to beat them. Choosing between strawberry, blueberry, cherry or any other thing is purely your decision and can be made through any fruit, as long as you have a 100% of juice instead of adding anything artificial or sugar.

Choose Your Electrolyte-Replenishing Drink

The main reason to make a homemade drink is either to quench your summer thirst or to rejuvenate after a stressful workout. This in simple words means that you have sweated out all your nutrition and they need to be regained. So, as an electrolyte replenisher, we can choose coconut water based on the many coconut water benefits. Coconut water in itself does not taste good, but along with all the rest of the ingredients, you wouldn’t even know its there.

Honey And Salt

Instead of using any other forms of sugar, it is rather better to use something like honey because it is a natural sweetener so it wouldn’t contribute to the unnecessary sugar intake either. Salt is essential in order to restore the sodium levels that you have lost while exercising or simply taking a walk to the fruit boutique in the sun. If you are required to keep tabs on your sodium levels, you might as well get a doctor to advise on this.

Lemon Or Lime And Water

Lemon or lime juice is added to give your drink that tangy taste which would help with the intake. Nobody wants to have a healthy yet yucky tasting drink even if they feel horrible, they rather take that soda. So, this is why lemon or lime juice is also added to the recipe. The final ingredient is to add some chilled water to dilute the solution, enough to let it be of the right consistency.

All of the above ingredients can be very well used in making a juice which would help with scorching sun and the feeling of being lifeless. Any of your homemade drinks can be an added benefit because you would not add anything artificial and fake in your conscious mind, therefore, it would be healthy yet fulfilling, satisfying and extremely refreshing too!

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