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Kids love their birthdays as much as they do Christmas. This is because they know that showers of gifts, love, happiness and songs are going to be there amongst their most precious family and friends. But how do you make sure your child has the best day of their life without making them sad about something their friends pointed out or because of a sudden craving that’s not available? Here is how.

Give Them Something Amazing to Think About

Kids tend to remember things they don’t have if they are not convinced that whatever is in the party is better than what they want. This would lead to an eye leak tantrum. Therefore, think out of the box, think of a great theme or decorating the place with balloons of their favourite colour (make sure to leave some on the floor so they could play with it). See if you could order balloons or small cut-outs of their favourite cartoon character or ask a member of the family to dress up as one.

Have A Wide Range Of Food And Drinks

Yes, it is also important to have items that are edible by adults present. But people tend to forget that children are not satisfied with most of these foods. So, instead of ordering or preparing a large amount of the same variety, keep it different, order smaller amounts of a wider range. For example, decorate the birthday cake table with more cupcakes, birthday biscuits, macarons and maybe a bowl of skittles or gummy bears.

As for The Meals…

Don’t just let your child fill up on the sweets though, prepare a good meal of mac and cheese or some pizza and fries. This way, they will be too full to have too much sugar. As for drinks, you may prepare milkshakes, cordials, hot chocolate or provide the children with little cups of milk for their biscuits. Give them water too as it is essential to keep children hydrated.

Make Them Feel Grand

Nothing is grander than a neat suit that highlights them amongst everyone else. Unless your child prefers a costume party, make them pick a beautiful gown or suit, or anything they are comfortable with. Other ways to make them happy are with accessories such as footwear that glows and tiaras and there are also kids that prefer bowties. Ask your children what they would prefer, please avoid the mistake of forcing your children to dress formal or dress according to your preference as the rest of your preparations would go to waste if they are in a sour mood, and it’s their day so give it to them.

A Party Is A Party

Nowadays kids have remixes of nursery rhymes and favourite DJs and Youtubers. So, ask your kid what they would prefer and make a mixtape of fun songs and add in some disco light when the evening has come so they would feel like they are living the best life with nothing to complain about.

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