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Wedding bells around the corner? Well, congratulations are in order then. But have you started planning out on the type of wedding you want to have? If by any chance you were thinking of going rustic, you are in luck, because here are some excellent tips to plan out a rustic wedding. Don’t worry, none of these tips will take a huge chunk out of your budget. Here are some of the easiest ways in which you can plan out your rustic wedding without having to get stressed out at the last minute.

Pick an Outdoorsy Venue

One of the main things that you will need to do in the planning is picking the venue. For this purpose, you necessarily don’t need to have a massive outdoor area, it just depends on the number of guests that you will be inviting. Now, if you will be arranging for the majority of the seating outdoors and if your nuptials and exchanging vows will happen outdoors, you may want to look at getting some good quality tents Melbourne or any other location so that you can provide some shade from the sun and sometimes rain for your guests. It is a good idea to check on the weather forecast as well.

Minimal Centrepieces

One of the other things that you should focus on is the décor and centrepieces are a good and easy place to start with. Because you are exploring a rustic theme, you need not create anything extravagant and luxurious for the centrepieces. Use things like wildflowers and abstract pieces of handcraft to adorn the tables. Follow the same routine with your décor as well. Use wood, foliage, wooden barrels and the likes to set up the place according to a rustic theme. Flowers are very important so you will need to have to allocate a budget for them. You don’t always have to go with rose alone. Flowers like baby’s breath, orange blossoms, lilies, tulips, daisies and many other types can actually be bought as a lower cost and yet create a rather beautiful vista at your wedding.

Colour Schemes

You should always think of a very minimal colour scheme when you think of a wedding. For instance, white is a good way to go. You can add little pops of colour here and there in tones like yellow, green and the likes so that the theme is highlighted, but since this is a rustic wedding, white and a few other colours are all you need. If you incorporate too many colours, it will not keep in well with the theme that you have planned out.

Dress Code for The Bridal Group

Now that you have sorted most of the details out for the venue, the final aspect that you should focus on is the dress code for the bridal group. Because you are taking a rustic theme, get simple but elegant dress designs for both you and the maids of honour. Even when it comes to your hairstyle, picking something minimal like loose hair with flowers in it can look really great.

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