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A wedding, being the most monumental day there is for a bride-to-be, takes a lot of brainstorming, effort and planning. From choosing your vendors to your venue, there’s a lot of decisions to be made and needless to say it can get quite chaotic. So assuming this isn’t a remarriage and you’re completely new to the experience, here’s how you can professionally plan your wedding without losing your cool.


Weddings are expensive. If you don’t want to overspend money that would be better off used for your honeymoon, then your first step would be to set a budget. You’ll find that as the months pass, there are small additions you’ll want to make to the big day that you didn’t account for in your budget so you prepare for this beforehand by setting aside a small percentage of cash just for items like these. If you find that you’ve overspent in one aspect, say for example flowers, then you’ll have to find a way to cut down in another.

Event Tools

Event tools are an event planner’s best friend. There are some who are capable of writing things down the good old fashioned way but why go down that route when you have so any event planning tools like wedding checklists, apps with budgets and reminders, etc. You can even use an excel sheet to record your expenses- it’s always good to have an idea of just how much cash you’re doling out.

The Choosing

Now, we come down to the finer details. First, the sooner you outline your guest list, the better. This rough headcount will go a long way in planning and sticking to a budget. Then you need to crack down on a date and venue as fast as possible because ideally, these have to be booked months in advance, just to be safe. Decide on what kind of theme you’re going for so you can support it with your venue. For example, yarra valley wineries restaurants combined would be ideal for larger scale, sophisticated weddings. You can even see pictures of the venue’s past events so you have a good idea of how well suited the venue is to crowds and decorating.


If you want a unique, creative wedding, you’ll have to invest in getting an expert eye in designing your invitations, save the dates and signs, etc. This way you’ll have your designs done with quality- you don’t want to give inexperienced people your work and be frustrated by the results.


You need to maintain close communication with your vendors at all times if you want this to succeed. Make a spreadsheet for all your vendors, so you can put down their contact and emergency contact numbers. Set up meetings with them and have follow-ups to discuss any ideas. This shouldn’t be done over the phone as that leaves room for more errors.

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be able to plan your wedding like a professional and have the most unforgettable day!

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