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If you are someone who likes ballet and if you feel you want to learn more and master the techniques then enrolling yourself in a ballet class will be a good idea.

Find A Class

The first step towards enrolling yourself in a ballet class is to first find a class. You can do this by asking your friends or colleagues for the available ballet classes in your area or you can even look online. Even if the class is a bit far from where you live, if the ballet instructor is a good one then it will be worth the long drive as it is important that you learn the right steps and techniques. It can be easy to hurt yourself while dancing especially if you use the wrong technique therefore it is important that you learn the right method.

Dress Code

Once you have found a class you then need to get the appropriate clothing. When doing ballet you need to wear clothes that will make it easy for you to move around. As you will be doing splits, kicks and turns you cannot wear tight-fitting jeans and expect to master a ballet move. Instead you need to wear something comfortable and steady such as tights or a leotard that will help you move around easily. You also need to make sure that you get the right footwear. Therefore looking around for the best ballet shoes Sydney has to offer will be a good investment as when you are dancing you need to wear shoes that will give you a steady grip. You also need to make sure that the shoes you are dancing in are comfortable therefore it is best to try on the shoes before you purchase them. For example, if the shoes are too small for you, you can hurt yourself while dancing and at the same time if the shoes are too big for you it will not give you a steady grip and again you can hurt yourself. When purchasing shoes to do ballet in you also need to take into consideration your level. This is important because the shoes can either be full-soled or split-soled depending on your level.


If you have long hair then you should make sure that your hair is in a tight bun and not touching your face. If your hair is loosely tied then when you are dancing as you are moving about a lot it can be easy for your hair to get undone and fall on your face. This can distract you while you are dancing causing you to lose both your balance and your focus. Therefore it is best to make sure that your hair is securely tied.


Before you begin the class you should ensure that you stretch. Stretching is an important aspect of any ballet class and it should be both the first and last thing that you do. Stretching before a class allows your muscles to warm up and will aid in preparing you to last an entire class.

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