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For the first few years, parents and close family remain the entire world for babies and there has to be a gentle transition when they are enrolled in daycare to be exposed to other children and adults. This is a time that can be tough for the child as well as the parent.

You need to make sure that once you select daycare Buderim for your child, you slowly get prepare them for what they can expect. This will make for a smoother transition. They will definitely miss you and there will be a lot of tears in the beginning but you need to make sure that they are well equipped to handle the change. Once you select a daycare, you need to familiarize yourself with their curriculum and their routines so that you can start following the same daily routine for the toddler at home. This will help them get familiarized with what they will be expected to follow at the daycare and it will be easy for them to get acclimated. You can start to follow this routine by starting small a few weeks before it starts so they get used to napping and feeding at a certain time.

Your child will not be very familiar with any place outside the home so you need to get them used to the daycare environment. This will not be done within the span of one day. You will need to visit the daycare several times with the

so they understand the space and get used to the caregivers that are there. You can visit for short periods so that they can play with the other children at the facility and explore the environment that is there. You can slowly extend this time and they can get used to snacking with the other children or playing outside with them. It can be a new experience for them to get used to group settings and get to know new people so you will have to start off slow. Group settings will be new so you can get them used to share and doing things with others by letting them play with your friends’ or relatives’ children. This is a great way of building their social skills.

There are many daycare centres that offer part time starts for the toddlers before they start to stay at the centre full time. You need to ask whether the daycare you have selected allows for this so the acclimatization can occur at a slow pace that is comfortable for both you and the child. Once they get used to the environment, you need to give them some independence from your care by dropping them off for 30 minutes or an hour without you being there. You can let them know that you will come to pick them up soon. You can slowly start extending this time so they get used to staying without constant contact with the parents.


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