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Planning your big day can be really hectic because you will have to run around and make sure that everything is perfect from your house to your outfit to your makeup. Here are a few mistakes you need to avoid making when planning for your big day.

Not Starting Early

If you want to have a grand wedding with a lot of functions then you need to start your preparations at least six months ahead. In order to ensure that everything goes the way you want, you need to make a list of things that need to be done. For example, you will have to finalize your clothes, the places you want to host your parties and the food menu. All this could be a lot of work to do on your own so give each family member some sort of responsibility. You could look into the outfit shopping whereas your mother could take care of the food that will be served on different occasions.

Not Having a Budget

It is important to find out what your budget is because based on that you could decide what kind of a wedding you want. For example, if your budget is extremely small then you could opt for a court marriage and have a small gathering for your close friends and family. If your budget is high then you could arrange the wedding supplies beforehand and hire people to help you plan out the event. Most of the people don’t keep a budget and they end up overspending, so make sure you find out what your budget is and based on that you could decide on other things. Also make sure you spend on the most important things. For example, many people simply have a grand wedding; they invite a lot of people but don’t spend on things like a photographer. You need to spend on things which will capture these moments so you could cherish them lifelong. Have a good budget for photographer and videographer so you could share your wedding moments with the future generations as well.

Not Taking Care of Yourself

Brides usually get overly excited during this phase and they spend hours looking for the perfect dress and finding the most beautiful accessories. Although there is nothing wrong in this you need to be considerate of other things also. For example, you need to decide your dress based on what the groom is wearing to make sure you both complement each other instead of wearing totally different attires. Another mistake both bride and the groom make is that they get pretty stressed out as they want everything to go perfectly. This will just kill the moment because instead of enjoying your big day you will be too concerned about your guests. Instead you both should focus on yourself, make sure you get your rest despite the work overload. You also need to take time for yourself and go for things like pre-wedding photo-shoot.

Lastly, make sure you pick your outfit based on the location of your wedding so you could truly enjoy it.

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