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When was the last time you received a hamper full of goodies? Or are you still wishing someone would hand you one on your next birthday, or for Christmas? While gifts are super exciting to give and receive, a gift hamper can bring you twice as much the joy. When you receive one, you can feel extra special because you know there’s so much emotion and sentiment behind that gift.

What Is A Hamper?

A hamper is a combination of gifts put together beautifully to give the receiver loads of love and happiness. It can include a small collection of many random things, but somehow need to match and make a pretty combo altogether. Hampers can be made for just about anyone, irrespective of age or gender. Many claim that gift hampers made for babies are the cutest of all kinds. They are also the most fun to assemble because there are so many things you can play around with to make it the most adorable package one could ever receive! Look up Tasteful Hampers baby to find all kinds of gift hampers for baby boys and girls that are nothing but irresistible!

Decorating A Hamper

There aren’t rules or limitations when you want to make a hamper. Whatever you use, you only need to make sure that it is appropriate in terms of age and gender of the receiver, and that it turns out amazing! You could use a decorated box or a basket or pick out a plain one and decorate it yourself. You could use all kinds of paper, ribbon, fabric, and accessories to play around with and make a beautiful one. One thing you’d keep in mind, however, is the size and the weight of your hamper after it’s done. You don’t want to overdo things and make a gift hamper that’s pretty but oversized and too heavy to carry. 


The contents of your gift hamper could be anything, but they somehow need to look like a suitable combination when put together. If you pick out clothing and accessories, just make sure the colours and types that you’ve used make it look good together. For instance, you could opt for a onesie, a set of small blankets, a bottle of cologne and a bow/hair band for a baby gift hamper. They don’t necessarily have to be the same colour (although sometimes it would look nice that way). If you choose to include both plain and printed types of clothing, you’d need to place them in a way that they look neat, nice and appealing. Stick to a category – this could be the only rule to follow when assembling a gift hamper. You surely don’t want to put grocery, clothing, and cosmetics all together in a hamper – that would be a little weird.

When you want to buy a special gift, you can always use your creativity to opt for something out of the ordinary. Creating a unique gift shows that you’ve put tons of love into it. It’s a way of telling the special person that he or she is incredibly special and they’re always worth going an extra mile for.

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