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The Venue Makes All the Difference

When it comes to making a party elegant and classy, the venue of the party definitely plays a significant difference. If you happen to have a spacious and elegant home to host your party at, you can definitely host it at home. This will surely give you the advantage of being in a familiar surroundings, making it easier for you to pull off what you want from your party¾effortlessly. However, if your home is not exactly as elegant or classy as you’d like, we suggest you hire a suitable venue instead. If you live in South Yarra, Ellis street studio is definitely worth checking out.

Little Goes a Long Way When It Comes To the Décor

When it comes to the decorations ofthe party, always remember that a little goes a long way. This is especiallytrue when it comes to office dinners or other events in which your aim is toimpress your guests. Choose classic decorating pairs; like glass and candles orstring lights and tulle. If possible, host your party at the later part of theday, when you’d have to use artificial lighting. This gives you the option ofsetting the “mood” through the muted lights.

Have Classy Entertainment

If it’s not just a sit-down meal that you’re aiming for, and a more entertainment sort of party, we suggest you have a few trick up your sleeve. Loud and rowdy games may not be the thing for this kind of party; but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Consider hiring a classy illusionist for your party; one with a stellar reputation to impress. If that’s not really your kind of thing, then even live bands can pull off the elegant touch. If you opt for this, do consider A Capella groups as well; a pretty popular trend nowadays…!

Have a Dress Code for One And All

Themes and dress codes are not newthings to the party world. However, when it comes to elegant little affairs,it’s always best to insist that you, along with your guests, dress to thenines. You can easily inform them of their dress code (and theme) when you sendthem their invitation. Just make sure you’re not forcing anyone to dressaccordingly, or that you’re not having difficult dress codes. This will eitherfrustrated your guests, or even make them consider skipping your partyentirely…!

Elegance through the Menu

Serving and sharing food is a fool proof way to breakthe ice among strangers and create a more comfortable setting. This is why mostof us choose social engagements that include food. Here too, through the helpof your menu, you can make sure to emphasize your theme of elegance and class.Speak to your caterer about what they can offer to fit your bill. If they arewilling to try new things, you can even download a few recipes and inspirationsfor them.

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