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If you are planning to throw a surprise party for your best friend or your soul mate, then here are a few tips you need to consider.

Figure Out What He Or She Likes

Before deciding on the party you need to know what kind of a person he or she is and the kind of party they will enjoy. For example, some people would prefer if you organize something intimate and romantic that is between you two. Whereas others would like it if you organize something big with friends. Even when organizing something like this you need to consider their likes. For example, some people would like it if you surprise them in the most unusual place such as gatecrash their house when they are going to bed whereas other would like something more organized perhaps at a bar or restaurant. Do not end up doing something he/she doesn’t like for example, introverts hate socializing and will not like it if a grand party has been organized for them.

The List And The Place 

If you know your friend or better half very well then you will know the people he/she would want to be the invitees and the ones they wouldn’t. So based on that you could make the guest list, don’t forget to include their family members in the planning process as well. Try not to keep it in the most obvious locations to avoid spoiling the surprise. You could just randomly ask them to meet you at a place like restaurants Collins st Melbourne cbd and ask their friends to join as well. Try not to drop any hints, this could be hard especially if you meet on a regular basis or live together. Also if you feel that the person for whom you are throwing the party for wont end up coming dressed up then do keep their clothes ready so as soon as they get surprised they could change into better clothes and look fine as wine in pictures.

Don’t Forget The Gift

It is highly likely that you will end up buying a gift especially if you are the sole organizer and have to run around to make sure everything is perfect and at the same time not drop any hints to your better half. In this stress, you might not buy anything and end up feeling bad about it. So do keep a budget for the gift as well, if you live together or meet on a regular basis then you might know what he/she really wants but if you are not sure then either take them for shopping and let them buy anything they want or give them a voucher. Some people might not like this as they feel that there has been no thought been put into the gift but it is a safer option than buying something they don’t like or already have.

Lastly, don’t forget to capture the beautiful moment when that person walks in to get surprised, make sure you record from the start to finish because such moments need to be captured and cherished for life long.

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