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Apart from your wedding dress, another iconic bridal accessory people will take notice of is your veil. A wedding veil simply completes the whole wedding day look. And that makes it so important to have a perfect match between what your body is wearing to what your head is holding. But with all the different styles and variety of details available, how are you going to know which would be the perfect veil for you. So, to help you out, here’s an ultimate guide for choosing your wedding veil.

Choose the Right Length

The initial technique in choosing a veil is making sure that its length works best with your wedding style, dress, and body silhouette. Unknown to most, there are actually quite a variety of wedding veil lengths all designed to suit a certain mode and style, like the birdcage veil if you’re rocking a retro look or the cathedral veil for a dramatic effect, among so many others. The key here also is to choose a veil that complements your physique.

Choose a Color that Complements your Dress

Make it a must to match the color of your veil to your wedding gown. Most designers already have complementary veils for their dresses, so that’s a good start. Apart from color, the veil’s fabric should also be in sync with what you are going to wear.

Get that Flawless Mix and Balance of Embellishments

There’s this unspoken rule when choosing wedding veils and headpieces, embellishments for your dress and veil are indirectly proportional with each other. Meaning, if your dress is heavily embellished, keep your veil clean and simple. If you’re wearing a simple and streamlined gown, you can mix and play around with various accents, textures, and designs for your veil.

Choose a Veil that Matches your Hair Style

In choosing a veil, it’s a wise thing to already have an idea on what style your hair is going to be. There are certain veils for hair that is worn down or for low up do’s. There are also those which are best suited when wearing your hair up. And some veils are more versatile, like the birdcage, because they can be worn with most wedding hairstyles.

Wear the Right Accessories

Hair accessories make a difference to your overall look, too. Again, accessories and veils have that unspoken indirect relationship. A fluffy veil isn’t a great match with an equally exaggerated headpiece. A great thing also about hair accessories is that they can be used to keep your veil in place. A great combination of functionality and style.

Consider its Removal

Most brides forget to take this into consideration. Apart from all the other guides mentioned above, the last and probably one of the most trivial things to think about is how hard or easy it’s going to be when you remove it. Most veils are removed during the wedding party. So, just try to imagine with the current veil you have, what’s going to be your situation during that time. Other than removal, you also need to think of the possibilities of constantly taking it on and off in case of photos.

Follow this guide and you are well on your way to a perfect wedding day with the perfect overall look.

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