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The day you become a parent you would realize the amount of work your parents had to do to raise you and make you stand where you are today. It finally makes sense as to why your parents were paranoid when you got back home late after a party. It also changes you because suddenly you put someone else before you, and you prefer staying back home with your little one instead of partying till late. So if you are a new parent here is your guide.

Your Child Needs You

The first six months are extremely stressful and tiring because your child needs you the most here especially the mother. It is a tough job because the mother doesn’t get enough sleep or cannot eat whatever she desires because that would affect the little one especially if she is breastfeeding. This is why most of the mothers get into postpartum depression. This is where the husband needs to come in and share the work, once your wife is done feeding the child you should let her sleep and entertain the child. At this point support and love is most important for both the child and mother. You might not know this, so once your wife conceives make sure you invest in some good parental books which will guide you throughout this phase. Both you and your wife could also go for workshops which give you advice on how to raise your child right. This will help you to become a good parent and your child will not hesitate to share anything from you.

Put Yourself First

Often mothers let go of their career for their little one and then regret once it is too late. So once your child is settled and doesn’t need you as much you should get back to work because that will ensure that you still have your own identity and you continue being the independent strong woman like you always have. If you are worried about leaving your child home for long hours then check out oxford greens. They have got some qualified staff that are there to educate and assist your child at all times. This is a much better place for your kids to be at while you are at work because it allows them to interact with little kids of their age and improves their socializing skills. The day care is spacious providing ample space for your little one to play and they are clean so you don’t have to worry about your child falling sick. So do check them out, and once you enroll your child get back to work. This way you won’t have regrets later on in life, if work makes you happy go for it. This is because at the end of the day your child wants a happy mum who is in a good mood over an angry mother who is constantly shouting and hitting him/her.

As mentioned above parenthood changes everyone, you could be a full time stay at home mum who isn’t happy or a working mother who is balancing both the work perfectly, so judge less and work on yourself more.

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