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To love and to be in love is a wonderful feeling. If you have just got into a relationship, or have been in a relationship in a while and want to keep the spark alive then keep reading.

Never Fail To Show Your Love

Most couples complain that once they have been dating for a while they start getting bored with each other. They often say that the spark is missing, and blame it on each other for the distance that kept growing. If you want to keep the spark alive then you need to make an effort of showering each other with never-ending love. For example even after ten years of relationship you need to put the same effort you did in the beginning. For example plan on surprise date night or randomly show up at their place with some pizza so you both could Netflix and chill. After a while, every relationship needs some commitment so if you guys haven’t got official even after dating for ten years then the spark is likely to fade.

If you feel that you have found your soul mate then don’t delay further instead get your relationship official. You necessarily don’t have to get married but you could get engaged. However, even when doing this try to make this whole moment special by keeping it as a surprise. You should capture the moment, so get some professionals such as proposal photography NYC who would do the job for you.

Surprise Each Other

If you want to keep the spark alive then you need to surprise each other by doing little things that will help you the long way. For example makeup as soon as possible no matter how big the fight is. Also follow the rule of never going to bed angry, even if you aren’t at fault try to mediate the issue. This is because sometimes relationships break over a minor issue simply because couples were not ready to make up for each other. Another great thing to do is to be honest and show affection all the time. For example no matter how busy you are, always make time to check on each other. It barely takes a minute to send a message, but it could mean the world to the other person as he/she will know that you have been thinking about them.

Go On A Holiday Together

Another great idea is to go on holidays, this way you will be able to make new memories. Also, it will help your bond to grow stronger because in your day to day hectic life you might not be able to give each other much time. However, you necessarily don’t have to plan fancy holidays where you book five-star hotels and first-class tickets. Anything simple such as even a local road trip should do. The trip should bring you closer so stay away from all other distractions such as social media and work stress and try to reconnect with each so you both could fall in love all over again and create a bond which will remain all your life.

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