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Space is essential for running conferences and other educational events. You may notice that some participants consider the venue one of the benchmarks of criteria for any organizer. If you’re new, finding a suitable one is not hard – but requires planning.

For organizers, a sizable 36% of the budget is spent on venue hire alone. You need to focus on the kind of venue that matches your event.


Location is the key to help you maximize your attendance.  It is also advisable to look into the accessibility of public utility vehicles to nearby hotels, airports, and railway transit. These are crucial especially if you’re anticipating guests coming in from outside the country or nearby states.  VIPs and executives should arrive comfortably and conveniently hence finding flights that requires only one leg should be considered. Parking spaces for attendees coming in with vehicles should also have ample parking slots. If the venue hire doesn’t include valet services, providing one should improve the comfort for your attendees.

It might be a good option to have venues with nearby restaurants or attractions for guests that are not from the city. It may also encourage them to participate in the event and take time to relax afterward with some sightseeing.


Some venues are not located within a hotel. It is best to anticipate an influx of clients that may be coming from out of town looking for accommodations for a night or two. Prime function rooms in Ringwood may offer quality lodging locations to fit any budget. It is best to select venues that are within walking distance to nearby lodgings and restaurants. If not, you may want to look into shuttle services.

You can inform your participants of the costs of transport through taxi or car services during the promotion of the event. This way they may also anticipate the expenses involved prior to joining.


If you’ve already had your pick of venues, it’s time to check for availabilities. Determine if it’s a peak season for events in that city. It could be that various organizers are also booking in venues for their events hence it might be hard for you to pick the most suitable one. Peak seasons may also be inconvenient for some of your guests. There could be overwhelming traffic in that area and make it challenging to move about. Should you have your event on a peak season, inform your attendees ahead of time so they can adjust their schedules accordingly.


Does the venue project the kind of spirit the event represents? It should align with the image and appropriateness for the event. Corporate events may require the use of darker hues to deliver a sense of importance and seriousness. For weddings, you may want to look into pastels and bright colors to project happiness and celebration.

If you happen to have sponsors and stakeholders for the event, you’d want to look into other events that may occur. Clarify with the venue coordinator if there are similar events that may happen during your scheduled one.

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