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You might be disheartened to go clothes shopping while you are breastfeeding because you are afraid the clothes might be ruined or it’s not practical. But if you love shopping so much, why would you hinder yourself from this simple pleasure?

Besides, if you go shopping for clothes you might start to feel like yourself again. And there are nursing clothes available in the market that would make breastfeeding easier for you which would be an adequate reason enough to buy new clothes.

Look for Layers

When you start breastfeeding, dressing up in layers is recommended because you could peel off the layers if in case you had any leak accidents. Your jackets, sweaters, cardigans and or any outer cover could also serve to hide these leaks and stains and could also double up as cover when you want to be discreet while breastfeeding. Shawls and scarves work as layers too. Nursing covers work as layers as well and one of the good things about these covers is that they are easy to do them yourself.

Shop on A Budget

For you not to feel guilty, shop for breastfeeding clothes. Nursing clothes are necessary because it would be easier for you to feed your baby when they feel hungry. If you would be going clothes shopping anyway, buy something that would make the next months, manageable. Sticking to a budget is also recommended especially if you are not planning to get pregnant again and you don’t think you could work your nursing clothes to your daily ensemble when you aren’t breastfeeding anymore.


Nursing clothes must be durable since they would be prone to stains and would often be popped in the washing machine and dryer. They would also be worn frequently and therefore must be sturdy to sustain the wear and tear. Nursing tops have a side that opens by being buttoned down or pulled up or pulled over. This would be done not only once during the day but for several times or as often as when your baby is hungry. If the top is not durable, you might have some clothing mishaps while you are out in public.


Versatile nursing clothes are important because new moms would not have that much time for themselves and would need to be ready in seconds. When your clothes are versatile and complement each other, you could wear whatever it is that you grab from your closet and you would not need to spend any minute deciding whether your top goes with your bottom. Having versatile clothes would limit unwarranted stress when finding what to wear that is appropriate for most occasions and events.

When you go shopping for nursing clothes, you might feel overwhelmed and think that maybe you are shopping a new wardrobe since there are nursing bras, tops, tanks and other types of clothes. By that time, you might have been turned off from buying nursing clothes because it would have been expensive. But you have to remember that these nursing clothes are necessary because it would make breastfeeding convenient and easy.


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