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Make Sure All Your Air Conditioners And Laptops Are Updated

No, this is not for modernizing your office. Yes, it may initially cost you a little to get them all updated. However, it will be worth the money in the long run. The older model laptops and air conditioner generally use more electricity. In other words, these machines may actually be one of the prime reasons for your huge electricity bill. In quite the same way, don’t forget to check out the printers as well as the photocopying machines¾even though they might not be adding as much to your bill.

Consider Getting Solar Power

Again, this is something that will be very costly initially; but in the long run can be very useful and worthy. This is especially a great idea if you have employees working day and night at you commercial building. Don’t be worried that you are not getting enough sunlight to your building for this to work out for you; most solar power panels need very little sunlight to stock up on energy.


Switch To An Electrical Embedded Network

If the nature of your work requires that you provide a high-speed internet connection to all your employees, then it goes without saying that this will be adding to your monthly utility bill. If it’s an expense you cannot avoid, consider contacting your local Australian electrical embedded networks provider, and switching your network. This has proven to be so much more advantages for businesses and commercial buildings.


Change All Your Light Bulbs To Energy Saving Bulbs

This is a small step, but can definitely add up to the whole. Energy saving bulbs are very accessible nowadays; so you need not fret about that. This is particularly an important step to take if your workplace does not get a lot of natural light, and your employees are forced to turn on the lights all day long.

Open The Windows During The Later Part Of The Day To Cool Down The Building

Most commercial buildings that are exposed to the sun heat up during the day; and inevitably, they have to increase the usage of electricity when it comes to ceiling fans and air conditioners. If you have employees working at night, consider getting them to open up the windows, letting in the cool night air. This will help cool the floors and the walls of the building making it less warm for the next day.


Switch From Paper To Electronic Files

This is a very important top. Not only will it help you save your money, but by switching to electronic, you are also helping to save the earth and its trees. Isn’t that a win-win situation?


Whenever Possible, Lead By Example

Turning off the lights and air conditioners when leaving work for the day, and when not in use is a great way to save money and electricity. However, it is not sufficient to simply ask your employees to do so. You must lead by example. Start with yourself, and the rest will follow suit.


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