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Not everyone takes oven maintenance seriously. If maintained well, your oven is likely to function smoothly and last longer too. There are a few basic things you could do in order to make sure your oven is and stays in good shape.

Do Deep Cleaning Twice or Thrice a Year

Deep cleaning is very important when it comes to almost any electric appliance, domestic or commercial. How often you need to do a deep clean depends on the level of usage. However, ideally, you would clean your oven at least two times a year. You can remove the racks and clean them separately. The insides of the oven can be cleaned using an appropriate, mild cleaning agent, even a baking soda solution made at home is fine.

Avoid the Self Clean Option Whenever You Can

The self-cleaning option is available in most ovens. The oven temperature shoots up so any debris can come off. However, this feature does not become needed often, especially if you make sure you do some regular cleaning yourself after every use. Thus, try not to use this option if it is not needed. The idea of hitting maximum temperatures surely does not sound fun.

Check the Gas Line

Damaged gas lines can cause problems in the function of the oven, and is not safe, too. Thus, make sure you have the gas line inspected, by professionals perhaps. If there is any damage detected, you may have to have it replaced. There is certainly more than one option if you want to get oven repairs fast across Adelaide. Reach out to one of these experts and have a quick job done.

Inspect the Gasket

The gasket plays a crucial role on maintaining temperatures inside the oven during cooking. A damage or fault in the gasket can affect the outcome of your cook. Thus, make sure you inspect it every once in a while, to make sure it is clean and that there is no damage to it. A gasket that has dirt and debris on it would not seal well. This is why it is important to hand-clean it after every use.

Replace Burners

Damaged burners, or any part for that matter, needs to replace as soon as possible. Keep an eye on the coils, especially when they are turning old. Coils aren’t usually expensive;however, it does depend on the type of oven.

Clean Range Hood Filters

During a deep clean, you would ideally clean the range hood, the fan, and more particularly its filters. They can be cleaned with soap and water. Make sure you don’t try to rub or scrape, use a soft sponge to remove any grease after soaking the filter in a tub of soapy water, first.

Cleaning behind the range hood is part of the cleaning process, too. You never know what is stuck behind the stove – a place that you don’t think about often! Thus, make sure you don’t forget to take a look at it too, and clean the area thoroughly.


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