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Any woman who has had a professional fitting done for her underwear will tell you that this can make all the difference in the world. However getting the bust and the cup sizes right are not the only factors that you need to think of when you are getting your bras. Having the right variety of bras with you means that you can dress according to the outfit and the occasion. One of the most important things to also keep in mind is that bras are made of an elastic and rather delicate material that is not meant to be put into the washing machine directly. You can put them inside the machine after they are in a laundry bag or you can hand wash them too. Afterwards simply hang them to dry and never ever put them in the tumble dryer even if they are in a bag. Here are some different types of bras that you can choose from.

T-Shirt, Wireless And Contour Type

These types of cups will hold their shape all the time even though you may not be wearing them. These comfort bras are great to wear and will essentially disappear underneath any knitted and figure-hugging clothing so that the straps and the bumpy bits will not stick out through the material. They also hold their shape well and therefore offer good coverage which can be one of the biggest advantages for women. They are most of the time, made of breathable material too which is great for your skin.

Bras with Underwire

There has always been a debate around whether this type feels uncomfortable or not and women are quite divided over the two options. However, the purpose of having the underwire is to anchor the breasts to the chest and provide a structure or a base. If you are somebody who feels like the underwire is bugging you, you should shop for ones with underwire that are double or even triple wrapped up in the casings, which will lessen the uncomfortable feeling. These underwire bras come in the demi, plunge and full coverage styles of underwear as well as in nursing bras and post-mastectomy varieties.

Pushup Bra Types

If you have breast asymmetry which is very common for many women, the pushup bra can be your best friend. If you have even had a medical issue like a lumpectomy for example, these can help you out. They will provide you with the perfect lift and the best part is that some of them come with ‘cutlets’ that can be removed so that while you give your cleavage a nice lift, you also do not draw too much attention to it either. The common misconception here is that this style adds volume, but all it does really is give you a nice lift that is flattering.

These are some of the important factors that you need to think about when you try to choose the perfect bra type for you.

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