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They say that good leadership and governance starts with oneself and ripples towards other people. this wisdom rings true even today and even as we enter a new age of industrialization and even in the age of consumerism and big corporations, one has to be a better boss to become and effective leader, because you not an effective boss then you are simple standing in an empty suit, you just have the title but the authority and leadership is not there.

So, it brings to light the question, how can one become a better boss and in turn become a better leader? There might be different answers to these complex questions, but here are some of the most fundamental answers to the question. 

Educate Yourself

One of the best ways to become better both personally and professionally is to acknowledge that there are some flaws in you and that it can only be remedied through education yourself. A management course can help in terms of educating the manager on how to effectively handle employees and operations in the department.

When a boss is willing to educate themselves, it sets the prerogative for other employees to follow them in terms of professional growth and development.  To be boss meant you have to lead your employees even towards accepting that you yourself needed some trainings and education to develop your professional track.

Model the Right Behaviour

As the boss this would be the hardest task in the guide book, and that is in modelling the right behaviour. You see it is easy to be a boss and order everyone around, what is not easy is to acknowledge that there are some aspects in one’s behaviour that is counter productive for the department.

So, it follows that the boss has to change this set of behaviour so that they can model the right set of behaviour towards their employees. This way the boss walks the talk, and so to speak he will not be held responsible for himself which reflects to those of his constituents to do the same. And thus, the ripple of change starts from the top down.

Encourage Positive work Culture

One of the best ways that a boss can create an impact and a legacy to its workplace is to encourage the growth of a positive work culture in the workplace. So how does this go? This would entail that the boss creates changes in the workplace, changes that fosters positivity and professionalism in the workplace and make it a culture, which means on each level of the rank such values and principles must be adhered to create appositive non-toxic workplace culture for each employee in the department.

In being a better boss, one has to remember that it takes a change in perspective to be a better boss, such that one has to be reminded that the world does not rotate around them and that other people are working for their family and that is more than enough of a thought to be a better human being to others specially your employees.


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