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You can want to be popular on social media for many different reasons, such as a form of income or simply to share your art, ideas and interests with others. No matter what the reason may be, there are certain steps you can take to increase your views, gain traction and popularity in the world of the internet. Some of it includes developing a routine for posting unique, interesting content and interacting with your followers to increase your social media presence. It may take a little while to get to a good following and gain popularity but with a little commitment and patience, you will surely be able to achieve it. Here are some steps to follow;

Choose One Type of Platform to Focus on Initially

While you definitely have a variety of social media platforms to use, it is important to start in a smaller space and focus all your attention to that one platform initially. This is mainly so that you can try to master one platform rather than everything together which will result in weakening your overall social media presence. You can of course, reserve your usernames on different platforms, but hold before you start developing on them until you become proficient on one platform. Once you know how to handle this and you have got a rhythm in posting new content, then you can start incorporating more platforms.

Using Instagram Or A Blog

These two platforms focus mostly on life-style of image centric information. Genres like cooking, beauty, fitness and writing work well in these platforms because they focus primarily on information and images. Instagram is ideal for a fast-paced platform while blogs let you go deeper in to content creation and various topics in depth. You can also add in videos which can be professionally created through a video production company so that you diversify the type of content you put out. Instagram is also a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and creators such as yourself. You can make use of hashtags and search for related content.

Twitter and Reddit Platforms

Some mediums such as twitter showcase humour and wit and are constantly being updated. This gives viewers the chance to scroll the content very quickly and pausing only for mere seconds before they move on to the next post. These are ideal for engaging with others to talk on various topics like politics, music, comedy, current affairs to name a few.

Facebook To Reach A Wider Audience

Facebook is a platform where in addition to sharing content and engaging with audiences, you can also promote your posts for a fee to reach a wider audience apart from your friend’s list. This is a great platform for businesses to connect and as communities. Most companies have Facebook pages used for business purposes. They also provide a lot of informative statistics about the posts and content you create that can be helpful in how you create and engage with people the next time. The offer what times are the busiest and what demographic may be interested in your type of content.

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