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Budget weddings are increasingly on the rise. Not all couples can afford everything they like for their wedding. It’s possible to save money on your wedding and you probably should do so without hesitation. Here are several great tips for saving money on your wedding and enjoying it without any financial stresses:

Go Easy on the Flowers

Flowers are arguably the most favoured decoration for weddings. Most flowers you see at stores are flown in from elsewhere, which raises the overall retain price. You can truly reduce the cost of your wedding by minimising the use of flowers. Don’t go overboard with the floral decorations. Consider moving the wedding outdoors so you don’t have to decorate as rigorously.

Choose a Dress Carefully

All brides want to look like princesses on their wedding day. However, looking stunning in a wedding dress is also very expensive. You don’t have to downgrade the style of the dress to save money. Instead, doing your research can help you locate the good-looking and affordable wedding dresses that won’t cost you two the honeymoon. You can consider, for example, Karen Willis Holmes dresses for sale available locally. The designer brand is not only stylish, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to buy.

Choose a Home as the Venue

It may not sound ideal, but you and your soon-to-be spouse can save a lot of money by hosting the weeding at home instead of a venue. It also makes up for a more intimate affair. A regular size home is perfect for hosting a small wedding with less than a hundred guests. Otherwise, consider renting an outdoor venue and do your own catering. This would be less expensive than using a hotel or a similar indoor venue.

Make Handwritten Invitations Yourself

Fancy invitations can unnecessarily eat into your budget. Instead of getting someone else to write the invitations for you, do them yourself. Even if you can’t do elaborate calligraphy, you would still have a wonderful and intimate wedding invitation in your hand. Guests would particularly like it if the bride and groom personally write the invitations without sending in printed invitations.

Hire Music Students for Entertainment

Can’t afford a band? Then reach out to a local school, a university, or a community centre and ask about student bands. A junior band can perform for free or at a reduced rate at your wedding. The musicians may be young, but they will still bring down the house. A college band would be perfect for a raucous after party.

Ask Help from Friends and Family

Instead of spending money on a wedding planner, get assistance from friends and family. They would be more than happy to help. You can ask friends or family help with catering, planning, making calls, or sending invitations. The guests won’t mind handling some of the smaller tasks on your behalf for the big day.

Don’t forget than planning is the key to keeping your wedding on the budget and also fun. You can avoid unexpected expenses by making a game plan for the big day early on. The above tips should otherwise help you keep your wedding affordable.


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