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Are your children’s rooms the most dreaded part of your house? Is it so messy that you can’t pass it without wanting to desperately pull out all your hair? Well, it has been proven that this is partly your fault. As parents or legal guardians, you must know exactly what the DO’s and DO NOTS are when it comes to your children’s rooms and what you put in them. Read the list carefully and amend it as you go because you must keep in mind that, kids too differ from each other so do not be partial to one item over the other.

A Storage Basket

Over the years, something that has gone severely out of style is storage shelves. They tend to be over the top and almost always too difficult for children to reach. This proves to be difficult as even if your child is told to clear up after playtime is over there is still room for him or her to become incredibly dissatisfied as he or she will still find it difficult to as they cannot reach the storage shelf.

Hence, the alternative is the storage basket which you can easily place in the child’s room in an easily accessible place. Depending on the rooms size and color you can opt for either one big storage basket for all the toys or many different sizes of storage baskets labeled neatly with the toys that should be out into it. While this is an incredibly easy alternative, it can also double as a sorting activity for your child.

A Few Big Toys

Once you’ve stored the smaller toys in the storage baskets- you are left with the big toys. Always remember that it is easier if there are just one or two of these to avoid overcrowding. For example, you can find cheap children’s ride on cars or some large teddy bears to keep alongside a wall. These toys need to look arranged but also need to look like it is making a statement. Keeping a few out will make your kid feel at home but also be able to keep it in the correct place once he or she has finished playing with it.

Pictures Of Your Kid

Most of the time our photographs are limited to the hall and maybe sometimes to the hall. However, it is important to know that a kid feels more at ease and comfortable with his or her surroundings when surrounded by pictures of himself or herself and that of the parents. So fill your kids’ room by capturing the significant moments and people of their lives and celebrate it by hanging a few pictures in every corner of the room. If this puts you off you can even maybe frame a few pictures of your child’s favorites cartoon characters, which will serve as a reminder as they grow up and be something extremely special to hold onto.

Thus, in conclusion one can see that if these points are followed, your kids’ room can be clean and neat but also a very sentimental place to live in.

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