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Popping the question isn’t easy. You want to think of the perfect time, place- the perfect everything. And if you or your girlfriend is a romantic at heart, planning is going to hit you even harder. But don’t sweat too much, at the end of the day you simply need to follow a little guide to get your moment planned out perfectly. Read on for more!

Sentimental Locations

Pick out a place with sentimental value to set the scene for your moment. We’re thinking along the lines of where you had your first date, your first kiss, the first ‘I love you’ or any other memorable moment you’ve shared together. This is step one and key to creating the perfect marriage proposal.

Friends and Family

There are two ways to get the closest people in your life involved in this momentous occasion. One, you could do it at a dinner or family gathering (if you pick this option, planning it during the holidays when all your relatives and loved ones are in one place is far easier). Or two, you can do it in an intimate setting with your family at a distance and out of sight. That way you get your moment alone and then wave the crowd over after she says ‘yes’.

Capture the Moment

For example, Proposal photography nyc is an art by itself.  These are expert photographers that know exactly how to covertly blend in at your desired location, work the lighting to their advantage and place themselves in a position to perfectly capture her look of surprise. It’s hard to get the perfect photos in such uncontrollable, public conditions so you’ll want to hire expert help on this matter.

Play Music

If you have a song that is meaningful to both of you, now’s the time to make use of it. If not, ask her for her favourite song and try to incorporate it, playing softly in the background, while you pop the question. This will definitely up the moment to ‘unforgettable’ status.


If you want to up things, don’t forget a surprise bouquet of her favourite flowers. If you’ve been together for a long period of time (say ten years), you can even go for a more symbolic approach and get her ten roses. Of course, this symbolism won’t really work out if you’ve been together for two or three years.

Early Timing

It’s better if you do it earlier in the evening, rather than after a night full of romantic activities including the usual dinner, moonlit walk etc. That way, she has the whole night ahead of her to show off that engagement ring! And it’ll also save you the trouble of being nervous and off-kilter the whole night.

The Speech

There is no mood killer like reading from a written speech. You have to look into her eyes at this moment. Make your speech heartfelt. Start with what you love about her and when you found out she was ‘the one’. This is guaranteed to be a tear-jerker.

This is your simple guide on how to plan that special moment. This is something your loved one will remember for the rest of her life so make it as special and personal as you possibly can!

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